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Animals are the perfect partner in therapy. They utilize a keen sensitivity to non-verbal communication to assist us in developing new relationship skills, regulating emotions and beginning the healing process. Sadie is dedicated to this powerful work and appreciates you supporting her care.


Sadie joined the HHB Family in 2020 and crowned herself queen of the herd. Sadie came to us hesitant to connect and in such a short time blossomed into a therapy horse that truly picks her people. Her sassy energy and approachable size make her a wonderful partner for children and adults alike!    


Sponsorship of Sadie plays a key role in our ability to keep her happy, healthy, and doing the work she loves! When you adopt Sadie your generous donation contributes to the purchase of her hay and feed, recurring monthly expenses like hoof trimming, and veterinarian wellness visits.


Through the Adopt-a-Healer program you will receive a Certificate of Adoption for Sadie as well as a photo with special facts all about your four-legged healer! You will also receive an invitation to the annual Adopt-a-Healer Picnic where all sponsors are welcome to visit the farm, spend time with their sponsored animal, and enjoy a picnic lunch with the staff.

Sponsor-a-Healer Sadie

  • Name: Sadie

    Breed: Miniature Horse

    Age: 10 Years Old

    Occupation: Therapy Horse

    Favorite Food: Raspberry Leaves

    Personality: Sassy and Energetic

    Location: Bethlehem, CT

    “Watch me watch me neigh neigh!” ~ Sadie

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