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Buy a Bale 2024

Did you know that a bale of hay costs $10?

Did you know that our 5 horses and 4 goats go through 2 bales of hay a day in the winter?


It's almost February, and that means one thing here at Healing Hoofbeats of CT.....our annual Buy a Bale Campaign is back!

In these cold winter months, with no vegetation to forage on, our horses and goats need a significant amount of hay to keep them fueled throughout the day.  Our Animal Healers are a vital part of the work we do at Healing Hoofbeats and keeping them well fed and healthy is our top priority.  We purchase our hay from a local farmer, continuing to support our community.


Please consider donating to our Buy a Bale campaign this year.  Whether you can help us buy 1 bale or 40, we appreciate your contribution.

Sponsor - a -Healer

This program is a unique opportunity to support the powerful work of our therapy animals! 

Through the Sponsor-a-Healer Program you can sponsor the care of one of Healing Hoofbeats therapy partners and have an extra special connection with our mission to serve the community. Sponsoring a four-legged healer also makes for a thoughtful gift for the person who cherishes animals and their healing impact.

Click on one of the animals to learn more!  

How does my donation help?

1 therapy session for a client on financial aid

$200 Gift

Three Months of Animal and Equine Supported Psychotherapy for a Child on financial aid

$2,400 Gift

Fund Operation Warrior Pony, a 6 week workshop for children of veterans


I just want to help in any way I can

Any Gift Amount


The cost to feed one horse

hay and grain for a year.


The professional services associated with taking care of one horse each year.


The maintenance costs associated with caring for the farm each year.

Week of Hay
for the Herd

$330 Gift

Quarterly Hay for the Herd

$1,315 Gift

Biannual Hay for the Herd

$2,635 Gift

Annual Hay
for the Herd

$5,250 Gift

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