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We are looking for a few volunteers to round out Healing Hoofbeats Executive Board and Fundraising Committee. If you have any interest in serving on either, please read the following descriptions and email us at to inquire about open roles.

Executive Board Member Wanted


1 Board Meeting (via Zoom) per month. Attendance at 2 events per year required. We would love interested parties to consider the following:


  1. Have passion for the mission: Board members should have a genuine interest and passion for the nonprofit's mission, as they will be responsible for guiding the organization towards achieving its goals.

  2. Relevant Expertise: We are seeking individuals who possess skills and expertise that align with the needs of our nonprofit.

  3. Leadership Experience: We are looking for candidates who have demonstrated leadership abilities in their professional or volunteer roles. Board members play a crucial role in providing strategic direction and overseeing the organization's activities.

  4. Ethical and Legal Compliance: Board members must adhere to high ethical standards and have a strong commitment to the organization's legal and regulatory obligations.

  5. Availability and Commitment: We want to ensure that potential candidates have the time and availability to actively participate in board meetings, committee work, and other related activities.

  6. Financial Support: Some Financial Support is appreciated but we value input, connections, networking, and hard work just as much.

  7. Networking and Fundraising Skills: Ideally, interested board members should have established networks and connections that can benefit the organization. Fundraising experience is also valuable, as board members often play a role in securing financial resources for the nonprofit.


Fundraising Committee Members


1 Board Meeting (via Zoom if needed) per month. Attendance at 2 events per year required.

  1. Passion for the Mission: Committee members should have a genuine interest in the Healing Hoofbeats mission and a strong belief in its cause.

  2. Fundraising Experience: We are looking for individuals who have previous experience in fundraising or have participated in successful fundraising campaigns.

  3. Strong Communication Skills: Committee members should have excellent verbal and written communication skills. They will be responsible for effectively communicating the nonprofit's mission and fundraising goals to potential donors and supporters.

  4. Networking Abilities: We are seeking individuals with established networks and connections in the community.

  5. Creativity and Innovation: Fundraising committee members should be creative and innovative thinkers who can develop new and engaging fundraising ideas and initiatives.

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Healing Hoofbeats of CT relies on our many volunteers to be successful! Whether you have one or many hours a week to contribute, we have a job for you!

Individual Opportunities

We believe that our Volunteers benefit from spending time at our therapeutic farm, helping directly with our animals or around the barnyard. We also offer internships for young professionals seeking experience working with a unique non-profit. Our serene farm is an oasis for many! 

To inquire about volunteering with us, please submit the volunteer application below and our team will be in touch!


Group Opportunities

We welcome V olunteer groups from outside organizations. There is always much work to be done on the farm! We appreciate the help to make major improvements to our property.

Examples of Group Projects of 4-8 hours in length include:

  • Seasonal Grounds Care

  • General Farm Maintenance

  • Cleaning Barns and Sheds

  • Clearing Walking Trails

  • Community Garden Maintenance

If your group has a specific skill set to contribute to the farm we would love to chat with you and discuss how we bring unique projects to life together.

To inquire about volunteering with us, please submit the volunteer application below and our team will be in touch!

Apply Here
Reason for Volunteering
Type of Volunteer

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

Let's Create Change Together

Our mission is to foster connection and support

empowerment through equine and animal supported therapy.

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