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Offering Veterans the healing effects of the horse and human connection! Equine supported  psychotherapy facilitated by a Licensed Therapist in partnership with our herd of therapy horses.  
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Army Veteran

"I can't express enough how much I appreciate this incredible opportunity. I'll always remember how helpful this was during a tough time in my life."

Operation Warrior Horse is our program that is dedicated to providing low cost and free Equine and Animal Supported Psychotherapy to help veterans begin to heal from the invisible wounds incurred in service through the healing effects of the horse and human connection.


This experiential therapy occurs on the serene acres of Healing Hoofbeats of CT in Bethlehem. It is facilitated by a Licensed Therapist weekly or bi weekly in accordance to each veteran's individual treatment plan. In partnership with our four-legged healers, this therapy team is the perfect storm of mental health expertise and a working knowledge of military service.   


Twice a year we hold Operation Warrior Horse daylong group workshops on the farm at no cost to any veteran.



  • Horse Facilitated Healing

  • Strengthened Coping Skills

  • Genuine Connection

  • Self Acceptance

  • Increased Confidence

  • Enhanced Support Network


It is our belief that these therapy sessions should be offered at NO COST to our veterans.  

This is made possible through generous sponsorships, grants,

and annual fundraising events that provide support for our Operation Warrior Horse Fund.


Sponsor a Warrior and help a local hero begin their healing journey!






Stay tuned for the 2024 Workshops!

If you are a Veteran who would like to participate in Operation Warrior Horse please contact us.


If you are a provider wishing to make a referral download our referral form here.







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